MATEC is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacturing of filtration and purification plants for wastewater and silt. We design, manufacture and install complete and tunkey plants in any sector which deals with wastewater and silt. The most important ones are mining, aggregates, sand and gravel, stone, concrete, ceramics, plastic, and glass. We have developed extensive experience over 10 years and thousands of successful projects all across the world. Through our systems we can guarantee the best results, allowing any working site to reach its maximum efficiency and production. Because Matec systems maximize the retuns of the plant, recovering precious materials and reducing disposal costs. We can provide our customers with the best quality machines, also thanks to components by top brands and the best assistance service. Matec headquarters are in Massa, Tuscany, Italy. Our workshop and offices cover a 5000 m² area, here we design and manufacture all our machines to offer 100% Made in Italy products. Matec is a well-established presence in every continent and we have developed branch offices in America, Brazil and India, plus a global dealer network. Through our warehouses and dealers, we can easily supply the spare parts you need and give assistance. The need of constantly keeping a high level of both service and operational skills must be translated into a strong integration between Customer’s needs and the daily comparison to the evolution of our reference markets. Our company mission is creating values through the supply of cutting-edge products and services for customer’s greatest satisfaction, at the same time respecting mankind and the environment.
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