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NIKA NIROO Is a strategic office of global Group in IRAN which was global engineering and procurement company for Electro-mechanical products to service the needs of the industrial markets around the World. 
We are focused and dedicated to put forward the best solution to meet our client’s requirements and we have made it our strength for the replacement of all parts of obsolete rotating equipment with quality construction to reduce maintenance and enhance operation of industrial plants. Our highly qualified engineers have acquired valuable experiences throughout unique projects to replace Pumps, Fans in various industrial fields around the World.

We are a global engineering solution, with over 12 years of experience in focusing on projects in Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Mining, Utility company, and Infrastructure. We work with-in the rotary & static equipment field For the supply of electro-mechanical items in Component form or as a packaged solution for New and replacement projects.
Our close relationship with our OEM partners provides us with a comprehensive range of technical solutions and with our in-house expertise gained from hands-on experience and many hours of OEM training gives us the added value which we believe sets us apart from our competitors and that gives our clients one of the best solutions for maintaining, operating, and optimizing the performance of their Industrial plants. ​​​​​​​

? Who We Are

We have offices in strategic locations in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. This ensures we are close to our customers and suppliers and helps us execute the management of projects with a local focus, whilst keeping globally connected.


We strive to be the best independent supplier of water and process pumps , fan&blowers and filter press packages. Our aim is to give a high level of professional service and support, to be dedicated to the needs of our clients; exceeding their expectations and delivering the best value solutions. We appreciate how important the human element in business is. We ensure we get to know our customers and understand their needs, so we can provide them with the best value solution.​​​​​​​


Our vision is to provide the best quality service and products, further develop our partners network, and expand their existing markets to become globally recognised as leader in our sector of high quality solutions.


We work directly with End users and EPC companies to offer electromechanical packages across the globe.

Our approach is always co-ordinated and geo-specific, involving our factory support and local offices to ensure we clearly understand the needs of all parties from consultant, end user, EPC so that we offer the right solution at the right place at the right price.

This strategic approach, alongside our high level of technical competence and close factory support, allows us to meet the expectations of our intenational high caliber customer base

Key Points

  • Selecting the right solution to match the project requirements

  • Detailed Technical offer with good back-up and support

  • Commercially focused to meet the client’s expectation and budget

  • Global Location for Order placement

  • Experienced Project Management Team for order execution.      

We have a strong pedigree to be able to replace any existing pump or fan of any brand or type and give an enhanced /upgraded solution which provides better performance and longer life.
Paying for existing OEM replacement can be costly and pre-existing problems can quickly re-occur.
Our highly qualified engineers have acquired valuable experience from executing unique projects around the world. This allows us to upgrade any existing pump and fan with a more up-to-date, improved design with the same key dimensions, to give longer life solutions and enhanced performance.

Key Points

  • Working directly with the factory engineering design team.

  • Full site survey of existing equipment carried out

  • Upgraded performance in same package size can often be achieved.


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