We are leader in filtration and we have our main office in Italy (100% italian production) and warehouse and office in USA (Matec America) Brasil (Matec Brasil) France (Matec France)India office, Switzerland (M Water) and Pacific area (Matec Pacific) we are 100% avaible to support and follow you in this important projects and wok hand by hand with you for all projects.

Wastewater Purification and Filtration Plants



MATEC produce filter press from 400x400 to 2500x2500 up to 200 plates and all complete tunkey project for Stainless Steel tank and thickeners (rake, deep-cone, and paste) The Matec installation is the only one 100% full automatic tunkey plant and :

Matec is a byword for guaranteed results.
• The design and development of Matec plants rely on the decades’ old experience of its founders in over 3,000 technical services carried out to solve problems on all sorts of water treatment systems and brands.
• Top-rank technical assistance;
• Brand name components as Allen Bradley, Siemens, Bosh Rexroth, etc.;
• Perfect slurry dehydration with unrivaled results thanks HPT21; With the pressure of 21 BAR HPT21 we are the only one filter press with this high technology and performance
Matec machines are made of the thickest steel. The carpentry of a Matec filter press alone weighs at least 20% more than the majority of those available on the market.
Matec filter presses are carefully tested and can work with high-pressure pumps up to 20 bar.
• To make its filter presses, Matec uses cutting-edge software, which is user-friendly and can even be remote-controlled through cable modems or GSM from our offices.
Matec offers a 2 years’ guarantee on all its water treatment systems.
Matec offers a 10-year guarantee on all the stainless steel components including the silo.
• All filter presses are equipped with safety devices, protecting the equipment from crossing and breakages.
​​​​​​​• Matec plants are a combination of sophisticated technology and guarantee unique reliability.


Matec manufactures decanter tanks for the clarification of waste water. Both vertical decanter tanks and horizontal thickeners can be designed by our engineers. Our projects can guarantee thickening as well as clarification.

"Stainless steel forever"

The pump is the beating heart of the filter press and which one you choose will influence the performances of the plant, in terms of number of cycles and m³ of produced sludge per hour. The pump type is also responsible for the mud moisture percentage of the cakes.

High pressure for better result

Filters with 50 or more plates include the TT2Fast model (fast opening):

The TT2fast opening can discharge the cakes for 100 plates in less than 2 minutes
​​​​​​​and for 180 plates in less than 3.5 minutes



 "Save flocculant, help the environment”

The flocculant system by Matec is 100% automatic to guarantee the most efficient mixture.   It mixes a biodegradable polyelectrolyte with clean water and sends it into the decanter to speed up